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Download conference materials: Asian RCI Roundtable Conference

Nov 2014

Presentations from the recently concluded RCI roundtable conference held 17-18 November at the ADB headquarters, Manila, are available for download at the event page. Event photos will be up soon on ARIC FB page. For more resources, visit RCI and productivity information portal

OREI launches AEIM November 2014

18 Nov 2014

Asia is set to become increasingly integrated as governments bolster trade and transport connections and build regional institutions that can avoid the kind of dangers that have beset integration in other parts of the world, says the ADB's latest Asian Economic Integration Monitor. Download full report. Read news release.

RCI Publications List 1992-2014

Nov 2014

ADB's Regional Cooperation and Integration Community of Practice (RCI CoP) and the Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) release an updated bibliographic list of RCI publications. The list includes books, journals, working papers, reports, conference proceedings, and background papers. Download the RCI Publications List.

RCI Chat November 2014

Nov 2014

ARIC releases November 2014 issue of its monthly newsletter, RCI Chat. It tracks regional cooperation and integration news in Asia focusing on cross-border infrastructure, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public goods. This issue also features ADB OREI's upcoming event, the Asian RCI Roundtable Conference on 17-18 November.

Infographic: Key Facts on Productivity Growth in Asia

Nov 2014

Did you know that in the last 14 years, productivity in Asia grew an average of 4.8% annually -- much faster than Africa (2%) and Latin America (0.8%)? Know more interesting facts thru the latest infographic uploaded on the Regional Cooperation and Productivity Gains for All webpage. Receive real-time updates by joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

Infographic: Emerging Asia's slowing productivity could affect the region's standard of living and economic growth

Sep 2014

View the latest infographic uploaded on the Regional Cooperation and Productivity Gains for All webpage. The infographic shows how the slowing productivity growth in most Asian economies could be affecting the region's standard of living and economic growth. Receive real-time updates by joining us on Facebook and Twitter.



24 Nov 2014

  • SIN  GDP
  • PHI  Imports
  • PHI  Trade Balance
  • SIN  CPI
  • TAP  IPI
  • TAP  Unemployment
  • GER  Business Confidence
  • US  PMI
  • VIE  CPI
  • VIE  Exports
  • VIE  IPI
  • VIE  Imports
  • VIE  Retail Sales
  • VIE  Trade Balance

25 Nov 2014

  • GER  GDP
  • US  Housing Prices
  • US  Housing Prices
  • HKG  Exports
  • HKG  Imports
  • HKG  Trade Balance
  • KOR  Consumer Confidence
  • US  Consumer Confidence

26 Nov 2014

  • UKG  GDP
  • KOR  Current Account
  • NZL  Exports
  • NZL  Imports
  • NZL  Trade Balance
  • SIN  IPI
  • US  Durable Goods Orders
  • US  New Home Sales
  • US  Pending Home Sales
  • US  Consumer Confidence
  • US  PMI
  • US  Jobless Claims

27 Nov 2014

  • GER  Consumer Confidence
  • GER  Retail Sales
  • JPN  CPI
  • JPN  IPI
  • JPN  Retail Sales
  • JPN  Unemployment
  • KOR  IPI
  • PRC  Leading Index
  • TAP  Leading Index
  • THA  IPI
  • THA  Total Capacity Utilization
  • EA  Business Confidence
  • EA  Consumer Confidence
  • EA  Economic Confidence
  • GER  CPI
  • GER  Unemployment
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Daily Market Watch

Currency Per US$      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
Euro 0.80 -0.12
Japanese yen 118.21 -0.20
Bangladeshi taka 77.74 -0.45
  • 1 20 Nov 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Depreciation(-) Appreciation (+)
  • Source: Datastream
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Stock Indices      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
US Dow Jones Ind Avg 17,719.00 0.19
US Nasdaq 4,701.87 0.56
US S&P 500 2,052.75 0.20
  • 1 20 Nov 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Datastream
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Commodity Prices      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
All Metals 231.71 0.00
Aluminum 2,042.50 -0.81
Brent Oil 78.53 2.52
  • 1 20 Nov 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Bloomberg and Datastream for cotton prices
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Interbank rates
  Latest Closing1  %Chg2
PRC 2.54 0.04
Hong Kong, China 0.23 0.00
India 8.03 -0.04
  • +Except for Hong Kong (1-Month HIBOR);
    Sri Lanka (1-Day SLIBOR)
  • 1 20 Nov 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Bloomberg
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