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ARIC takes part in the #UnderstandingASEAN talk series

Aug 2014

ARIC - Project Leader James Villafuerte drew from a regional economic analysis of ASEAN from his work at ADB and painted an ASEAN with countries that are in different states of readiness. He took part as one of the speakers at the 'Undertanding ASEAN, Part 1: ASEAN Identity' held 14 August in Makati City, Philippines. Read more.

New ILO-ADB Report—ASEAN Community 2015: Managing Integration for Better Jobs and Shared Prosperity


The Report highlights the challenges and opportunities that will accompany the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), including managing labor migration, boosting productivity and wages, and improving job quality. It offers policy recommendations for creating better jobs and ensuring that the benefits of the AEC are equitably shared among countries and sectors. Full reportHandouts

RCI Chat August 2014

August 2014

ARIC releases August 2014 issue of its monthly newsletter, RCI Chat. It tracks regional cooperation and integration news in Asia focusing on cross-border infrastructure, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public goods. This issue includes a feature on CAREC program's Senior Officials Meeting highlights. Subscribe.

ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration No. 136 - How Capital Flows Affect Economy-wide Vulnerability and Inequality: Flow-of-Funds Analysis of Selected Asian Economies

July 2014

Using flow-of-funds data, I. Azis and D. Yarcia determines that the surge in liquidity in Asian financial systems has changed the behavior of agents and institutions. Read more.

ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration No. 135 - Has Regional Integration Led to Greater Risk-sharing in Asia?

July 2014

With the ongoing financial development and integration in Asia, it is important to ensure that the benefits of integration outweigh its costs. In this paper, T.H. Ng and D. Yarcia analyzes whether the degree of risk-sharing in East Asia has improved along with the observed rise in integration. Read more.



27 Aug 2014

  • GER  Consumer Confidence
  • GER  Retail Sales
  • KOR  Current Account
  • TAP  Leading Index

28 Aug 2014

  • US  GDP
  • HKG  Retail Sales
  • JPN  CPI
  • JPN  IPI
  • JPN  Retail Sales
  • JPN  Unemployment
  • KOR  IPI
  • PRC  Leading Index
  • US  Pending Home Sales
  • EA  Business Confidence
  • EA  Consumer Confidence
  • EA  Economic Confidence
  • GER  CPI
  • GER  Unemployment
  • US  Jobless Claims

29 Aug 2014

  • IND  GDP
  • TAP  GDP
  • EA  Unemployment
  • FRA  PPI
  • JPN  Construction Spending
  • JPN  Housing Starts
  • THA  Business Confidence
  • THA  Current Account
  • THA  Exports
  • THA  Imports
  • THA  Trade Balance
  • KOR  Exports
  • KOR  Imports
  • KOR  PMI
  • KOR  Trade Balance
  • PRC  PMI
  • SRI  CPI
  • US  Consumer Confidence
  • US  PMI
  • VIE  PMI

31 Aug 2014

  • INO  PMI
  • TAP  PMI
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Currency Per US$      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
Euro 0.76 -0.19
Japanese yen 104.06 -0.01
Bangladeshi taka 77.42 0.00
  • 1 26 Aug 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Depreciation(-) Appreciation (+)
  • Source: Datastream
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Stock Indices      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
US Dow Jones Ind Avg 17,106.70 0.17
US Nasdaq 4,570.64 0.29
US S&P 500 2,000.02 0.11
  • 1 26 Aug 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Datastream
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Commodity Prices      Latest Closing1  %Chg2
All Metals 248.90 0.00
Aluminum 2,071.75 -0.67
Brent Oil 100.68 -0.07
  • 1 26 Aug 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Bloomberg and Datastream for cotton prices
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Interbank rates
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PRC 2.82 -0.02
Hong Kong, China 0.21 0.00
India 8.18 0.03
  • +Except for Hong Kong (1-Month HIBOR);
    Sri Lanka (1-Day SLIBOR)
  • 1 26 Aug 2014
  • 2 From previous close
  • Source: Bloomberg
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